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Before you learn the wrong lessons and pick up the wrong skill sets, it’s time to wake up. Everything we’ve been teaching about marketing, about launching a business is wrong. There’s a new way—a way that built companies like Facebook (which didn’t even have a marketing department), Twitter, Instagram, Airbnb and others.

That’s why I put together this totally free, no strings attached offer. One that will hopefully undermine everything you’re paying to learn in class. I want to make sure this generation of students is learning what works—not what worked 20 years ago.

I’m offering a free paperback copy of my bestselling book Growth Hacker Marketing to anyone who can verify their current enrollment in college level marketing course. The shipping is also on me. (Before I get too many emails, I will broaden this offer to include college students in advertising, public relations, engineering, and computer science courses, as well any student at a technology startup incubator.) My goal help up and comers in the industry adopt the proper mindset necessary to succeed. Money can be tight when you’re first getting started, and I am willing to help. If you like the book, all I ask is that you leave a review on Amazon and pass the book along.

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 A Little More Background…

At 25, I was comfortably situated in the marketing industry. As Director of Marketing at American Apparel, I helped lead the efforts of a publicly traded company with 250 stores in twenty countries and over $600 million in revenue. I was also a media strategist for award-winning authors such as Robert Greene, Tucker Max, and Tim Ferriss, in addition to writing my own best selling books. However, it was clear that a major change was looming.

These transformations I witnessed firsthand in the marketing industry became the foundation of Growth Hacker Marketing. What began with scrapy technology startups breaking through and redefining traditional notions marketing out of necessity quickly became the standard in the industry.

A growth hacker is someone who has thrown out the playbook of traditional marketing and replaced it with only what is testable, trackable, and scalable. Growth hacking has made marketing irrelevant – or at least, rewritten its best practices.

Growth hacking at its core means putting aside the notion that marketing is a self-contained act that begins toward the end of a company’s or a product’s development life cycle. It is, instead, a way of thinking and looking at your business—far better than what you’d pick up in school.

I wish I could extend this offer to a wider audience or expand the promotion to more than 1000 copies, but I had to meet my publisher halfway when it comes to giving away book. Offer only valid in the U.S.