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A new generation of multi-billion dollar brands built without spending a dime on 'Traditional' Marketing.  They have a new Strategy: Growth Hacking. And it works.
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Bestselling author Ryan Holiday Shows how the marketing game has changed forever.  He explains the growth hacker mindset and provides a new set of rules-critical information whether you're an aspiring marketer, an entrepreneur, or a fortune 500 executive.
'Growth Hackers are the new VP's of marketing, and this book tells you how tomake the transformation' - Andrew Chen Silicon Valley entrepreneur, essayist and advisor 'Ryan captures the power of the growth hacker mindsetand makes it accessible to marketers at companies of all types and sizes.  If you don't see a boost in results after reading this book, something is wrong with your product.' -Sean Ellis, former growth hacker at Dropbox 'This book is a wake up call for every marketing exec in the business and a tutorial for engineers, IT, founders and designers. Read it.' - Porter Gale, Former VP of Marketing at Virgin America and author of Your Network is Your Net Worth 'Finally, a crystallization and explanation of growth hacking in easy to understand terms and better yet, real strategies and tactics for application.' - Alex Korchinski, Director of Growth, Soma